I am a second-year law student at Fordham University School of Law. I am also the author of “Leaders and Laggards: Tackling State Legislative Responses to the Youth Sports Concussion Epidemic,” forthcoming May 2017 in the Fordham Law Review. I will use this space to analyze existing youth sports concussion laws and to recommend changes moving forward.

I first became interested in this topic when my younger brothers began playing football and ice hockey. As I watched them compete, I saw a number of children leave games with head injuries, and I quickly realized why: when it comes to youth sports, football and ice hockey rank first and second, respectively, in terms of average annual concussion rates.

As a law student, I wondered about the potential liability of coaches and school districts. I also became increasingly concerned about preventative measures. When I began to research this topic, what I found was staggering: in terms of youth sports concussion laws, there is tremendous disparity in the protections offered to children across state lines. Children in certain states, like Oregon, have been afforded far greater protections than children in other states, like Mississippi. This site will explore the differences across state laws and provide recommendations for an updated model statute, which future legislators should look to for guidance.

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